Hi, Digital Mindz! How was the year 2015 for you?
Hi, 2015 was amazing! A lot of great stuff and nice gigs around the world.

In junior high school you were listening alot of rock music, how did you find hardstyle and how did your career actually start?
Back in 2008, I came across some old Headhunterz and Showtek tracks by accident and instantly fell in love with this music. This was also the moment when I started to produce Hardstyle music.

My actual artist career started in the summer of 2014, when I signed a contract with Dirty Workz records.

You were the first Finnish hardstyle producer in one of the worlds leading hardstyle labels “Dirty workz”. How did you end up there? Does the work finally pay out?
At the beginning of 2014 I finished ‘My Realm’ and thought that maybe I might have a chance to get signed at some label, so I sent a demo to all labels. After a while I got reply back from Dirty Workz and they asked me to send some more tracks, luckily I had just finished ‘Resonant’, so I sent it to them. Not long after that they offered me a record contract.

Yes and no, I have achieved alot of great things, that I could only dream of before, but I like to set my goals high.

Dirty Workz just released your brand new EP called “I’m Your New God”. Can you describe the feeling in this release with a couple of words?
Yes, really excited about this release! I would say dark and hard. I wanted to make an EP that works well at the dancefloor, banging kicks and alot of kickrolls.

Your own sound is very important in music. Where do you find your vibe? How you create your massive kick?
I like euphoric and strong atmospheres and hard kicks. Usually I start with some melody or screech and then start working around it.

I make my kicks by layering different parts of my older kicks together and adding some more effects. Sometimes I do a new kick from a scratch and layer it together with my older kicks. It’s a powerfull way to make a really tight bass in kicks.

Rawzone is new club concept in Finland and you are making the anthem! How remarkable it is to you to do a first ever Rawzone anthem?
It’s an honor, I always wanted to make an anthem. I think this came out really well, probably one of the best tracks that I have ever made!

In Benelux countries hardstyle is somekind of a lifestyle. You have been playing in Loudness two times now but, how do you see hardstyle in your home country, Finland?
I think it is growing rapidly, all the events are growing and big Hardstyle names are getting booked more often. It’s really amazing!

Who is the next big name in Finnish Hardstyle scene?
I would say my friends Tarec, Alexez and Fearsome. They have a great potential!

What’s your most memorable gig?
Definitely Loudness 2014 or the gig that I had in Australia,Sydney in May of 2015. Truly amazing energy and vibe, both had a very dedicated crowd.

Would you like to share one reveal to your fans, what to wait from you during 2016?
I have some big news coming, but can’t tell anything yet. This will be announced soon. Otherwise, alot of new and hopefully better tracks. I will still keep working on both euphoric and raw tracks.

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