This throwback interview means a lot to me! I did it four years ago, when my blog reached 10 000 hit limit. It was truly an overwhelming feeling to interview an artist who had collaborated with DIPLO among others. In case you missed the interview or want to recall it, read the interview in its original form from below.

Hi, Grandtheft! How was the year 2013?
2013 was amazing. Put out about 25 tunes and got to travel all over the place playing my music. What more could I ask for?!

You have years of experience as a producer and DJ. How did your career start?
I started as a producer – making rap and house.. Then I had a DJ crew called Team Canada and toured all over the world with my DJ partner… even to Helsinki Finland! A couple years back i made a decision to focus on my own project- Grandtheft – and that’s what’s up right now.

You’re known as a trap and club artist. Where do you get your inspiration for trap from?
I have loved rap since I was a little kid. And started by making rap beats.. So fusing rap and dance music is natural to me. I get a lot of inspiration from really hood rap music still.. and dancehall.

You’ve collaborated world famous Diplo. How did you get into this collaboration?
We share music and decided to first collab on this idea I had for a Sweet Nothing… It came out crazy and Calvin put it out officially which was awesome. Diplo and I have another couple things in the works. I just finished a remix for Major Lazer – a song off their new EP called “Sound Bang”.

How has the audience responded to Diplo & Grandtheft – Sweet Nothing song?
Response was amazing.. Way crazier than I expected. It really got my name out there and helped bring my sound to a lot of new fans.

I hear you`re one of the best live dj in Canada. How does it feel to get a big honor?
I really want to put on a great show every time I hit the stage.. I take DJing seriously and prepare for every set to make sure it’s the best it can be. I just want people that are there to share the best possible energy!

What’s your most memorable gig?
Too many shows to name just one..

Where’s the best party at?
Wherever my next show is. Also Canada. Also Finland.

What’s next?
A lot of touring… Ultra Music Festival in Miami.. SXSW in Austin… Another EP on Mad Decent next month…

Would you want to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
I put out a record a year ago on Finnish label Top Billin! “My House” / “Hear This” check it out. I’d also like to share…

Let The Bass Get You:

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