Hey Dirtcaps! What’s up?
Hi guys! We are currently finishing the building of our new studio! So we gonna make a lot of new music here for you guys! We are now in Amsterdam and the coming 3 weeks we have a lot of shows in countries like Turkey, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium!

Dirtcaps is a Dj/Producer Duo. How did you meet each other and where comes the name “Dirtcaps”?
We are friends since we were young. We met in our childhood town “Haarlem” and started playing/making music together on a young age. It’s really cool to tour the world while we are friends since we were very young 🙂 The name Dirtcaps came from a very dirty snapback. We thought it was a dope name to adept as an act.

Since you have been DJing and producing for so many years, how did you career actually start?
We think the “Start” of our professional career was around 2012. That was the year we released “Money on my Mind” which became a hitsong in our country The Netherlands and some other countries in Europe.1454681_865558666840198_8556910586522280581_n

You did collab EP “Eastzane Warriors” with the world’s most famous trap group Yellow Claw. How did you get into this collaboration?
We are making music with Yellow Claw for a long time. We shared a studio for years and are family for eachother. So it was a matter of time that we made something together. Besides the EP we also did a few other collabs.

Your tracks have been getting lots of supports from artist like DVBBS, Yellow Claw, GTA, DJ SNAKE, Diplo just to name a few supporters of your bangers. Do you have regular habit for creating a new song& how do you get inspired?
It’s really awesome to get support on stuff we created. We don’t really have a regular habit, we get inspiration from various things. We both listen a lot to Hip Hop so we love to infiltrate elements from Hip Hop in our music.

12985637_1112918398770889_8887316437830068952_nIn my personal opinion Dirtcaps could be the next BIG thing in the EDM-scene. If there’s someone reading this blog who haven’t heard of you, which is the song to listen first from you?
Thats a huge compliment! We just released our new track “Baritone” on Ones to Watch/Mixmash. That would be a good example of our sound.

Your music is very unique with the attitude of not caring about the genres. You have been playing in world’s biggest festivals like Defqon1, Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld. What has been the most special gig for you?
Last year we played Defqon 1 Festival in Chile. That was something else. The people from Chile stole our hearts! Amazing energy! Also our first tour in America was very special! it’s one of our goals to come to Finland this year!

Last year you did a guest mix for Diplo & Friends and it was a huge! Now you are working on a guest mix for Let the Bass Get You. What can we expect from it?
It’s a mix with al kind of genres, because that is what we are! You’ll also find some unreleased Dirtcaps stuff!

We’re nearing to the end of our interview but I would like to give you the change to share something with your fans & new listeners. What to wait from you during 2016?
We made and are making a lot of music, we can’t wait to share it with everybody! Keep an eye on our website dirtacps.com to be the first to know! We thank you all for your support and let’s rock in 2016!

Guest mix:


Let The Bass Get You:


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