About a year ago Tchami founded his own record ladel “Confession” which is one of the hottest labels in the EDM scene right now. ANGELZ was the first lucky one who got signed to Confession and no surprise: he has been producing top of the list beats since he was only 15 years old! ANGELZ used to work with hiphop label “Def Jam” which is known for signing big stars like Kanye West and Justin Bieber.  Now he is one of the hottest G/Dirty house producers.

Believe in Angelz


Hey ANGELZ! The year 2016 is soon coming to its end. How has it been for you?
It’s been all going to plan, my releases are reaching more and more people and the number of shows I’ve been doing keeps growing. 2016 was a success but I’m still no where near where I want to be.

Lets go back to day one! How did you get into producing music?
I’ve always been around music my whole life, my father was in a successful band and has always worked in the music business. I started working on my own songs around 12.

If there were not music in your life, what would you be working on right now?
I would be writing movies.

You used to be a hip-hop producer. How did you found dirty house?
I began making my sound at a moment where I felt I was too limited only producing hip hop. It was then a really natural progression for me to make dance music . It ended up sounding however it sounds now because producing is what I’ve been doing all my life. I was making trap 8 years ago when it was called crunk, I was making twerk/Mustard-type beats 7 years ago when it was called hyphy & the list goes on. The whole time I was a fan of what was happening in dance music but it was always lacking attitude so I set out to create my own lane.

About a year ago Tchami`s record label Confession started. Your “Hey Girl” was the first release on this label. Was that the jackpot for you?
It was more like the start of something much bigger . Tchami is one of the most influential producers of the last 3 years – my quality standards are the highest and his are too. I hadn’t sent “Hey Girl” to anyone but him so when the first plans of the label came up there was no hesitation for me part of it.


Your newest EP “Saint Thug” is a massive bass monster. How do you find inspiration to your music?
When I start making drums I ask myself “What would Pharrell do?”. When I get to the keys I ask myself “What would Scott Storch do?”. When I gotta flip a sample I ask “What would Timbo do?”. When it’s time to do a mix down I ask “What would Dre do?”. All these decisions get you an ANGELZ song. These are all the pioneers who inspired me and helped me get where I am now , I’m just a child of the game on his way up.

What is the best track you ever made? What has been the most challenging song?
I spent a lot of time on “Crew” as it was very complex . It was one of these songs where the only thing in the way of greatness was my willingness to put the hours in. Now if you listen to it on any decent sound system , you will see it was all worth it. I listen to my music on repeat a lot so my favorite songs change, at the moment “Want It All” is my favorite.

Any advise for up & coming producers?
Easy mode is at everyone’s reach so I have to give them the tough love. All shortcuts come with a price. If this isn’t everything for you, you cannot sit at the table.

We are nearing to the end of our interview but I would like to give you the change to share something with your fans & new listeners. What to wait from you during 2017?
I don’t want to say too much right now but I have a lot of respect for everyone who has supported me and they should trust now that I won’t stop changing the game every couple months. For the new fans; buy some good headphones and pay attention.



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