“Brooklyn-based producers Matt Young and Grant Wheeler have no shortage of musical outfits.  As the purveyors of acts like Body Language, Vacationer, and Seafloor, their creative spectrum seems limited only by the sands in the hourglass. With upcoming vocalist features from the likes of Diddy’s protege Dawn Richard and Seattle’s own the Flavr Blue, they add fresh vision to an already colorful and eccentric spin on dance music in a similar vein to Mura Masa, Louis Futon and Flume. Enter Hypercolor.” – Vitalic Noise

Hey Hypercolor! How was the 2016 for you?
Can’t complain. Just been writing music for lots of projects. Started working with a new manager and publisher which has been pretty exciting. But I’ll have to say the political climate here in the US was pretty distracting in 2016.

Lets look back to day one. How did your career start?
We’ve been doing this for a while. Matt and I released our first full record in 2004 on ID outfit, Merck Records. In 2008 we moved to Brooklyn and started Body Language and have been writing and touring for that project ever since. The entire time we’ve been writing for other projects and bands and doing commercial audio work.

How did you met each other?
College. We both were in the music production program and we lived in the same building. By our sophomore year, we roomed together and had a studio in our dorm.


Own sound and style is important in these days at the edm scene and you have nailed it . Who you did find your style?
I think it was a product of the mood one week. Bright and energetic. Cute but ferocious. Matt started the project by writing like 4 or 5 instrumentals in a week’s time. They had a common thread that we thought was really cool, and we were like let’s just send these to singers and just make a project made entirely out of vocalist features. Seemed easy enough. Hypercolor was born.

You have been released three really awesome songs “Ghost”, “Animal” and “Pretty”. Your first single “Wolves Don’t Cry” will be released in June on Vitalic Noise. Can you tell something about that?
Wolves Don’t Cry will feature Dawn Richard (currently known as DAWN). She seems to be just about everywhere right now, very prolific writer. Wolves is half cute, half banger. As soon as the chorus drops, it’s got some teeth.

Any advise for up & coming producers?
-Write as much as you possibly can – writing is a muscle, you have to exercise it.
-Make time for creating things with absolutely no rules. Just flow and don’t think too much about it.
-Learn new skills in production and writing by trying to copy others that you admire. You’d be surprise by how much of your unique voice will overtake the material that you’re emulating.
-Take days to just make sample kits, patches and templates. Don’t get bogged down in the writing process by looking for samples and all that stuff.

If I must name one artist to watch in 2017, you are my choice. What we can wait for you in 2017?
We have so much music to release right now. Two tracks from DAWN. Another two tracks one with Vacationer and another with Jarell Perry. We have a ton more in the works. Looking forward to sharing 🙂



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