L.T.B.G.Y got amazing opportunity to interview one of the most legendary trance producers right before their gig in Helsinki. We are talking about Cosmic Gate, trance duo from Germany. Although having 20 year career behind, they still make goosebumps to trance lovers where ever they play at. And Helsinki, note this: Cosmic Gate is performig tonight (22.4.2017) in Circus. Don’t miss this!


Read the interview from Cosmic Gate below and get ready for tonight!

Hey, Nic and Bossi! Where did your career start from?
We both started our career as resident DJs in clubs in our hometown. We always say that’s where we got our skills and learned how to become good DJs.

How did you guys meet?
We met in a studio of a record label in Cologne. We both were already releasing our own records by that time and had first success with solo projects. When we first met we had a good chat about music and felt a good connection.

You have a very lengthy career behind you. What kept you guys going year after year?
The fans! The energy and love we get on tour during our sets, that’s what keeps us going and going. Even after such a long time, we still cannot get enough of it. 🙂 And what also helps, we love what we do, we stay true to ourselves when it comes to music production and DJ sets. We wouldn’t be around anymore, if we would have to follow every hype. 🙂


You’ve also produced 7 studio albums. What is the process behind creating a full-length album?
There is actually not that certain process, it’s more a creative flow we follow. Sometimes we start with a melody, next time we have a sexy baseline we start with or a singer songwriter sends us a cool vocal we like and inspires us.

There is not even a clear musical direction in the beginning. Maybe a first vision, but we never know in advance, how the final album will sound like. Sometimes you get stuck with an idea and so a song drops off album and the other time you meet a DJ / producer colleague and an idea comes immediately alive.

We are currently working on Materia Chapter.Two the second part of our latest album, so we are actually in the middle of this album production right now.

Materia Chapter 1 is your latest album which was published early 2017. What was the hardest song to work with on the album?
hmmmm….. we would say am2pm. this song was already written end of 2014, during the tour of our last album Start To Feel. By that time we couldn’t finish it, we just didn’t click with the song. When we revisited early 2016, we approached it from a different angle and we think in the end that song had 3 or 4 different layouts before we ended up with that arrangement like you all know it. But honestly we always work hard on every song, Edge Of Life was also a tricky one, we had too many options for melodies … decisions decisions … same thing right now with the new album.

Usually, a chapter has a follow up to it. When will the second chapter see the light of day, or will it?
Oh yeah tell us about it… our management wants it out by end of June, but as usual we are far behind with studio work… so fingers crossed that we can still make it happen. But we are pushing hard to get it done before summer. We wanna drop the new music on the festivals this summer!!!


You performed at Summer Sound 2014 here in Helsinki, Finland. How did you feel about the energy of the Finnish crowd?
We have already played several times in Helsinki and we always had a great time! The Finish crowd is up for trance and melodies, so yeah we are looking forward to that great energy again!!!

Finland is a part of your Chapter European tour. What do you guys expect from the upcoming show?
We hope that the people are hungry to hear our new music and to celebrate to some classics with us!!

The first two weeks of our European Tour have been really really good, so we hope it goes on like that!!

Is there something you would like to reveal to the Finnish trance fans? What can we expect from your show?
As said before, we definitely gonna play all tracks from the new album Materia Chapter.Two and of course we will play some classics from our other albums … we cannot finish a set without Exploration Of Space, right?

Cosmic Gate:

Let The Bass Get You:

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