What comes when KAYZO and SLANDER makes their magic tricks? Former icehockey player Kayzo started to produce music in 2012. Since then he had been smashing bass scene really hard and breaking genre boundaries. Slander came really famous when they created “Heaven trap”.

Now Slander and Kayzo produce the hardest bass music in the industry. They teamed up and released an ep called “DILAPIDATION CELEBRATION” including songs “Holy” and “Without You”.

When I heard for the first time Kayzo and Slander in the studio making EP I got goosebumps. I waited massive heavy hitters that would make the Earth shake. First time I heard “WITHOUT YOU” I was dissapointed. I gave it a second chance, more play times, more time and  “Without You” started to grow on you. Now I love it, beautiful melodies with Dylan’s voice are the perfect choice to choose for a last song of the night.

Then they released their second song from the EP called “HOLY“. First reaction is “HOLY F**K” this is that KAYZO stuff that we all were waiting for. Kayzo makes again what he makes best. Breaks more boundaries adding really cool psytrance basslines with hardtrap lead.

Let The Bass Get You:

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