L.T.B.G.Y has interviewed lots of EDM artists from small to big throughout the years and in now it’s time for a little THROWBAAAACCCK!!! GETTER is nowadays one of the biggest bass names in the industry and he has been boing tracks with Ghastly, Bear Grillz, MUST DIE! just to name a few! Check out the interview from 2014!

Hi, Getter! The year 2014 is soon coming to its end. How has it been for you?
Its been a super dope adventure so far! A lotta cool shit has gone down!

Where comes the name Getter?
Honestly from nothing. I thought of it with my homie and it sounded cool haha

You have years of experience as a producer and DJ. How did your career start?
Honestly it all just started for my sheer love for creating music. Before i produced or started DJing, I played drums and guitar for various metal bands with my friends. Just for fun. I later discovered I could make anything I wanted by myself on a laptop and immediately focused my energy on producing!


What was your dream job when you where a child?
I really wanted to be a member of a super dope band, and tour the world. That was before I knew what a DJ was, so I guess you could say its a dream come true!

How did your relationship with Firepower first start?
I had played a few shows with datsik and made myself known so he would remember me. Eventually got his contact info. After a few months of swapping tunes back and forth, he told me he was starting a record label and wanted me to release on it!!!

How was the song named “Lasers” born?
Funny story actually. I made a bootleg remix of a song I heard that I LOVED!!! It was the original “lasers” but I loved it so much I just ditched the remix idea and made it my own song!

You’ve collaborated with Datsik. How did you get into these collaboration?
The First Few times were easy because we shared a tour bus for about 2 months and there was a mini studio in the back so we would just fuck around til we had something dope. We have a few other tunes that are just from something he sent that I liked or vice versa.

If you could choose one artist to work with, Who would it be and why?
Definitely Eminem. Like old school Slim Shady shit. He’s my favorite rapper of all time and to have him on a track would be insane!

What’s your most memorable gig?
Every gig on the first firepower tour, the FIRST wobbleland, and last but definitely not least, shambhala.

What’s next?
Just a few records being released in the next few months. Along side a bunch of free shit and compilations.

Would you want to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
2015 is the year of the trench! Keep your eyes peeled for some legendary collaborations and releases!

Let The Bass Get You:

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