The last few months have been very busy for the Datsik and Bais Haus duo, also known as EPHWURD. They just released their own record label “Eph`d Up Records” and three new heavy bass house singles. The first single on the label is by Jvst Say Yes, and was released only a month ago. After that followed the release of a track called “Money” by the legendary Fatman Scoop.

Ephwurd teamed with an alternative rock duo called Oneeva for their newest single “Function“. Datsik`s dubstep influence can be heard very clearly on the track, which has perfectly combined dirty dubstep and wavy basshouse. Oneeva`s singer Natalie Kyoko Waters, whose silky and emotional voice almost seems to evoke some trance classics. The track starts out with a piano riff with a hint of nature in the background. Waters` lovely voice kicks in and the build up enhances the ride to the mesmerising drop. Loads of wobbling bassline is guaranteed in this absolute dancefloor slayer.

This is easily one of the best basshouse tracks of 2017.

Make sure to check out the awesome sci-fi lyrics video!

Function is out now! Stream it now!

Let The Bass Get You:

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