This time I had an awesome opportunity to interview the CEO of Diverge Records. Few years ago he wanted to create something special to EDM scene and the brand of Diverge was born. After a few years they had their own showcase in ADE and big releases from Juicy M, ATRIP, Loud About Us and more.

Hi Rogier! What´s up?
Thanks for doing this interview!

Tell us how it all began, what was the motive behind starting the Diverge Records Label?
Diverge started out as a small management company back in late 2016. We represented some artists, it was quite hard for us to find record labels to sign our artists which resulted to the idea of creating our own record label. I personally always had this vision to create a community within electronic music in which creators like producers, photographers or designers had a outlet where they could release their creative work. Thus why we decide not to be just a record label but rather a multi media platform in which we could build a creative brand which is known as Diverge today.


These days there are a lot of electronic music labels. How do you stand out from the mass?
That’s definitely because we are actively trying to build a brand around the record label. Since day one this has been our main focus. For our first release with ATRIP the whole team went to Paris to take some video shots from which we could create a cool teaser and we have an extensive network of photographers in Asia. And within a year we launched our own fashion imprint and organised the first label showcase. It’s just taking that extra effort that will really make your brand / label stand out. The advise we could give other label operators is just to step outside your comfort zone and do crazy creative work no matter what the risks are.

Your label is almost 2 years old and you had own showcase in ADE this year. How did you manage to make that happen and what are your thoughts about it?
We couldn’t have done our ADE showcase without the amazing support we have received over the past two years. Doing this showcase was showing gratitude towards our artists and the audience. Organising an event during ADE is full with risks and issues but we didn’t care about that at all. All we wanted to do was creating a fun night with the community. An ADE event for a starting label may seem impossible at first sight but it really is not, you just gotta to take courage to organise it.


If up & coming artists like to get their own tracks under your label, what would be your advice to make it happen?
We recently opened up our demo submission page on Label Radar. Via this platform we can easily organise the demos we receive and give our reply back to the producers. So it’s easier now then ever to let us hear your work. We are mainly looking for House House and UK bass, but we would love to work with some down tempo music with vocals.


In short time your label has gained pretty good releases from artists like Juicy M, ATRIP, Loud About Us, Kayliox, CYMN and more. What we can wait from Diverge Records in 2019?
Expect a lot of good and quality house music in the coming months. Besides music we are working actively on organising more label showcases over Europe and a merchandise release together with a sport brand is coming very soon. We would love to work together with the community so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with ideas for cool collaboration projects.


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