I did a short interview with French trap/bass producer TSAAB! A good friend of mine introduced me to TSAAB`s music and I was instantly hooked with his style! Really looking forward how big name TSAAB will become oneday!

Hi TSAAB! What´s up?
Hey! Pretty good, thanks for having me

Tell us how it all began, how did you get into producing?
Haha, good question, it’s was pretty random I remember watching a video of RL Grime & Baauer mixing during infinite daps tour, and i was completely mind fucked by the energy of the show and the songs. I was literally like « shit that’s too crazy how are they doing that ?» so I was interested in how to do trap music and I downloaded Ableton Live.. that’s how it started.

Having your own sound is very important in music field. How you discribe your sound?
Idk tbh, I’m constantly looking for new sound, new ways of working , but I always try to put lots of energy on my tracks and especially lot of bass haha!

How did you found your inspiration to make “SCREAM” track?
I wanted to make a track who sounded dark & “robotic”. I started with the first drop’s lead. It’s basically a random sample to which I added tons of effects until it sounded good. And then I built around that.

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let The Bass Get You?
Yeah , I’m actually working on new fresh songs & remix, it will be out soon so stay connected!

You did awesome mix for us! Thank you for that! What listeners can wait for the mix?
Oh thank you! It’s a little story trough different moods with again and always.. bass



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