Notoriously mysterious producer GRAVEDGR is back on Carnage’Heavyweight Records, this time teaming up with a duo with equally heavy taste in bass music – Texan duo Lit Lords, who bring their hard-trap sound to the new release “RAWSIDE“. True to its name, the track delivers a cacophonous, disharmonized mixture of ear-splitting, mind-bending effects, including stabbing and serrating synths, deep warbling basslines and its signature vocal hook “welcome to the RAWSIDE“. The new single is GRAVEDGR’6th release on Heavyweight, following his recent “KAMIKAZE” and its VIP version earlier this year. Lit Lords are known for their prior releases on Dim MakHarsh Records and Thrive Music. Let’s hope there are more collaborations to come from these forces of nature very soon!

Take one look at GRAVEDGR, and it’s easy to see where his name comes from – always donning black attire and his signature face mask, it’s no surprise that his day job is literally digging graves. All the time spent contemplating mortality must have inspired his musical sound, which can be summed up as simultaneously scary, melodic, and hard. Having made his debut performances during insane shows at EDC Las Vegas and LA’s El Rey Theatre last summer, this mysterious character also seems to have a knack for creating catchy music that always works the crowd into a frenzy. GRAVEDGR’s debut single “RAMPAGE,” released in 2018, has amassed over 9 million streams on Spotify alone and we look forward to see what he has up his sleeve next.

More info on GRAVEDGR / Lit Lords / Heavyweight Records:
GRAVEDGR: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Lit Lords: Facebook
 | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Heavyweight Records: Facebook
 | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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