Carnage follows up his return to EDM with the new next heart-wrenching single “Slot Machine” Ft. Prinze George. The dubstep-influenced track begins with soaring and yet haunting vocals over a minimal instrumental melody, lending an ominous feeling that only builds with its sudden drop into chaos. The melodies shatter and “Slot Machine” is thrown into a frenzy of grating mechanical bass and stabbing synths as if the pain that Prinze George so poignantly emanates through the vocal performance is taking shape in Carnage’s sinister production. Carnage’s previous collaboration with Prinze George, “Letting People Go,” received the attention of ComplexTIMEEntertainment Weekly, and countless other notable outlets. “Slot Machine” is the second of three tracks that Carnage is unleashing on the world to announce he is fully back in the dance music game, so stay tuned for the final drop coming soon.

More info on Carnage / Prinze George / Heavyweight Records:
Carnage: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Prinze George: Facebook
 | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Heavyweight Records: Facebook
 | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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