Lance Dean, known as “Blaqout” is one of bass music’s hardest working producers, pushing the boundaries of dubstep into new territories. By mixing in different styles and slamming his own take on every track. Blaqout has been praised by top-shelf artists including Borgore, Zeds Dead, NGHTMRE and Slander. Blaqout have been officially released on esteemed labels like Buygore, Firepower Records and Fool’s Gold Records. Some listeners may recognize the Blaqout from his debut EP “Lock & Load” with Ragga Twins or his single “GTFO” with dubstep legend D-Jahsta and Uzzi that reached #1 on Beatport’s release charts.

Hi Blaqout! How are you doing?
Hey Nooa, I’m doing great! Hustling hard and working on lots of music between shows. It’s been stress, but a good type of stress that’s great for productivity!

How did your careers started?
It all started when I discovered people like Flux Pavilion and Rusko in 2012. From there I picked up DJ’ing and eventually production, and started playing local shows in St. Louis, MO. Before the bookings and production, I’d do artist transport and graphic design for events in exchange for opener slots and that’s what really kickstarted all of this.

I know you like dark things but for those who aren’t familiar your music, describe your style and how you found it?
The style that I go for is pure evil. For a long time I’ve always been more moved by the aggressive, energetic vibes that come with heavy dubstep shows. The crowd energy takes on an entire new existence. It’s like a catharsis, letting to of all the negative energy you may have pent up and just raging until it’s all gone. When that intense energy is matched all around by everyone in a room, it’s always gonna be an insane night.

You have been putting out a lot of new music! When can we expect more?
Very soon! The past few months I’ve opened my shows with an unreleased song “Legion” featuring MagMag and it got downloaded by Excision recently! I’m taking this as a sign and as soon as I have all of the release details sorted out, it’s go time and it will be a free download!

You have released ton of music, How did your relationship with Buygore start?
My relationship with Buygore actually started the night I opened up for the Jagermeister tour that Borgore did, first time slot out of an absolutely stacked lineup. They told me “hey, don’t drop any bangers tonight.” When they said that I listened, and dropped an old-school deep dubstep set so the crowd didn’t get too energetic and tired out before the headliners. I’m convinced that’s the thing that got the foot in the door; playing by industry rules. Bigger shows will come after if you do it right!

What has been your funniest and embarrassing moment to date?
Funniest and most embarrassing moment? Easily Strangeland 2014, the first festival I ever played. At the festival in Nebraska, I got on the mic and said “Nevada, how we feelin’ tonight” and there was a high volume of cringe shortly after. Ha-ha!

Any advise for up & coming producers of LTBGY blog?
My advice for upcoming producers in the community is to never stop making new contacts. Always allow your music and work to speak for itself, but never stop meeting new people and valuing the people you meet that stick around in your life/projects.

If you can choose 3 artist to work with who you pick?
If I could work with anybody right now it would be Subtronics, Space Laces or The Frim. The intricacy of their production has always amazed me and I’d be honored to someday collaborate on ideas with them.

Top 3 up & coming producers we should follow?
My top 3 up and coming producers right now are Deucez, Moore Kismet and Dedbody. All three of these dudes have been putting out some serious fire!

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let The Bass Get You?
Thank you for tuning into LTBGY and thank you for having me on for the interview! And to anyone reading, stay on the lookout because there’s loads of new music to come soon!

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