When KAYZO and RIOT released their massive hit “Wake Up” in 2017 I knew that someday I want to interview them!

Tom Davidson and Daniel Magid – better known as RIOT! Have built their brand by fusing the extreme progressive melodies and heavy basslines into a sound that leaves an unforgettable impression. RIOT‘s music has found homes on labels such as MonstercatDim Mak, and Insomniac Records, including collaborations with heavyweights SLANDERKayzo, and Dirtyphonics.

RIOT is a duo! How did you met each other?
Both of us (Tom and Daniel) were always into music since we can remember. Daniel as a drummer in a metal band and myself as a dj since I was 13. We met through my best friend Jordan, which is Daniels cousin and since then we made it our destiny and life purpose to start a world wide RIOT with our music and live performances.

For those who aren’t familiar with your music, could you describe your personal sound?
We really can’t describe our sound, it’s something we let the fans decide. Just have to listen and find out for yourself 😉

You just released your debut album called “Dogma Resistance” through “Monstercat” label. What kind of feedback have you gotten from it?
The feedback has been amazing. Really great seeing how well received the storyline, album and graphic novel were received. Shout-out to each and every fan that has supported Dogma Resistance.

Your new album has a very special feature accompanying it – every track from the album has been illustrated in a form of visual comic book and a seamless storyline. It is a very special collaboration with HERO, but was it clear for you already in the beginning of the process that comic book is the style you are heading towards?
Yes, we knew pretty early on that a graphic novel would be the best way to connect the music and storyline

Would you like to share something else with the followers of Let The Bass Get You?
Check out the album and let us know what you think!

More info on RIOT / Monstercat:
RIOT: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
Monstercat: Facebook
 | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

More info on Let The Bass Get You:
Website | FacebookInstagram | Soundcloud

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