PHASEONE is known from his style of combining metal core with dubstep. In 2017 he joined Disciple Records and after that he has released three EP`s “Origins”, “Dreamscape” and “Double Up”. Few years later in 2019 he released his debut album “Transcendency”. At he moment being PHASEONE is touring with Excision in US but he managed to find time to give some support for Let The Bass Get You.

Hi PhaseOne! How are you doing? Tell us how it all began, how did you get into producing?
I’m great! 2020 is off to a big start! I’m on support for the entire Excision tour which just kicked off the past weekendand I just released my new annual mix series ‘The Sounds Of Mayhem Vol.1’ which has had a great response so far!

For those who aren’t familiar with your music, could you describe your personal sound?
The best way to describe my sound is a one man metal band with heavy dubstep drops.

Your debut album “Transcendency” has been out almost one year. Could you share the creative process behind scene?
I think I just needed to show the world what I was capable of. Having previously only done 4-5 song EP’s, the album process allowed me to show my skills as an engineer/producer & song writer and give me the freedom to experiment with other genres & styles.

And what is your favorite song from the album?
The most known song from the album is called “Crash & Burn” and features the vocals from Marcus Bridge from Northlane and also happens to be my favourite off the album. I think it’s the song that really sums my sound up in one tune.

Your album includes a lot of collaboration with different artists like Northlane, Periphery, Modestep and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony who repsesent variety of genres. How did you end up working with these people?
A lot of it was just industry connections, I’m friends with some of these artists or at least know someone who is. I had all the songs written before we got the feature vocals. Everyone who was featured saw my vision and were super down to work on this unique project!

What has been your embarrassing moment to date related to music?
Probably misspelling my name signing someones things or giving a sloppy signature on someone which they then got tattoo’d on themselves.

We are nearing to the end of our interview but I would like to give you the change to share something with your fans & new listeners. What to wait from you during 2020?
Well, we’ll be releasing a remix album full of big name artists & I’m also writing my next EP currently too which already has a lot of anticipated ID’s.Besides that I’m looking forward to performing on the Excision tour and meeting a lot of fans at the shows! See you on the road!

More info on PHASEONE:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify  | Soundcloud

More info on Let The Bass Get You:
Website | FacebookInstagram | Soundcloud

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