I did this interview back in 2014 with Barely Alive. He was actually one of the first dubstep artists I interviewed

Hi, Barely Alive! How has the year 2014 been so far?
It’s been good!

How you meet each other?
We have been good friends since middle school actually!

You have years of experience as a producer and DJ. How did your career start?
The two of us have been producing for many many years, but only recently have we started putting our music out on labels and touring. We got into it because it was fun, and it remains to be very fun and we’re very happy with how it has been going!

You’re known as bass music artist. Where do you get your inspiration?
Most of our inspiration comes from the frequencies of sound between 20 and 80 Hertz. The rest of it kind of just happens by itself.

How was the song named “Shudder” born?
We really wanted to make a transition song that changed tempos, so we came up with the idea for a song that started 174 beats per minute and then ramped up to 220, or rather 110. It works great for playing out live!

Recently you released remix of a song “Like a Boss” by Eptic. What makes you choose one song above all for to do a remix on?
Eptic is one of our favorite producers so it was an honor to get to remix one of his tunes. Like A Boss is one of our favorites by him so it was an easy pick!

You collaborated with Datsik. How did you get into these collaboration?
Datsik actually asked us directly to do a release with his label, Firepower Records. We asked if he would be down to make a tune with us and he agreed!

Where comes the name Barely Alive?
It comes from a random movie quote. At first it was just a cool sounding combination of words but over time it’s developed more meaning.

Why Barely Alive? Why not Barely Legal?
Good question. We might have to change our name now!

What was your dream job when you where a child?
Being producers!

If you could choose one artist to work with, Who would it be and why?
We would be really amped to work Claude Debussy because he is an excellent composer and musician.

What’s your most memorable gig?
One of our very first packed shows we played was in Northampton, MA when we opened for RL Grime. The energy was really amazing and it made us realize how much fun performing is!

Where’s the best party at?
Our next show 😉

What’s next?
We have a ton of new music planned for the next year so get ready!

Would you want to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
We would love to share a pizza with you some time.

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