ALRT is emerging in the dance scene at a rapid pace. He is pushing his Hard Dance sound all over the world. With growing support coming from industry piers such Joyryde, Kayzo, Ghastly, DJ Snake, Gammer, and more. There is a lot to look forward to what will be coming next.

Hi ALRT! How are you doing?
Hey im doing well! Happy to do this interview 🙂

Tell us how it all began, how did you get into producing?
I got into producing when I was 12 years old trying to find out how to create the music I liked, when electronic music producer just started impacting the music world, it really interested me to understand how they do it and what they do to create it.

For those who aren’t familiar with your music, could you describe your personal sound?
I would describe my music as high Energy, all genres, 90s influenced music to dance to!

Your debut EP comes out soon on KAYZO’s Welcome Records. Could you share the creative process behind scene?
I collected what I thought to be my best tracks in the last 6 months of producing, tried to keep my own style while still releasing different kind of genres, I usually just make a lot of music and choose what I like best.

And what is your favorite song from the EP?
my favorite track from the is “HIGHER LOVE” 

What has been your funniest or embarrassing moment to date related to music?
Well I had tons of funny moments. I think the funniest or actually most embarrassing one was when the cdjs just stopped working for a like 2 min and I just started speaking with the crowd asking questions 😀

We are nearing to the end of our interview but I would like to give you the change to share something with your fans & new listeners. What to wait from you during 2020?
Well I got much more music to come, some tours and some special shows! Just wait for me 😉

More info on ALRT:
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify  | Soundcloud

More info on Let The Bass Get You:
Website | FacebookInstagram | Soundcloud

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