If you are a Dubstephead you may have seen Jorge Toscanos name on “Lost Land Compilation 2019” to which he produced a massive banger called “Kill!” together with Ponzoo. The San Antonio based DJ/ producer first entered the music world at the age of 14 when he began producing big room and progressive house music. Over time he has developed a unique style, mixing and combining genres like rock, Hip-Hop and latin music together with electronic music. Having many label releases under his belt Jorge Toscano continues to create and shape the next wave of electronic music with genre bending tracks and crossovers that will breathe a breath of fresh air into our ears.

“Battlefront is kind of a love letter to Star Wars in a way. While playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 with my friend Andrew said it would be cool to sample the video game and make a song with it and thanks to him this was created! I began to sample tons of different stuff from gun fire to voice lines used in the game. At the time of creating my main goal was to give it the star wars feel make it immersive and tell a story i also added in fan favorite easter eggs to give it that nostalgia touch! I envisioned a hard dubstep inspired track from the beginning and with the lightsaber screeches and gunshots the drop is a massive pool of star wars sounds resampled! The sound design on this song was so much fun and it was definitely super inspiring to do so!”


More info on JORGE TOSCANO:
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