Marco Volpe is a 25-year-old Italian producer better known by his artist name DARKLESS. Some may also recognise him from the duo called “Alpha Machines” to which he belonged to back in 2014. He has been producing music ever since and though their ways later on parted, Darkless keeps on producing and reinventing his style and methods.

Asylum is fourth release by DARKLESS. Previously he has released “THE ALCHEMIST” and “UNHOLY EP” through NO TOMORROW RECORDINGS. Let the Bass Get You got the honor to present his new single “Asylum” before anyone else got their hands on it. So if you are ready for some horror themed and hard hitting music, listen to Asylum premiere from below! Track is officially out on March 13th!

Behind my project there is a very precise structure. I have always been in love with orchestral and classic music, and all my pieces recall instruments that are used in that kind of genre. From organs, to violins, and even choirs. I started loving electro music in 2010 after I listened to Skrillex for the first time, then starting to get into it more and more, studying the subjects to know better.

In 2014 I decided to start producing, at first Bigroom music and the evolving towards Electro/Dubstep. Then I found out the Midtempo, which I loved at first hear, with Rezz and 1788-L and I tried to unite classic music with electro, creating my sound, my musical stamp, and I hope “ASYLUM” can make you feel that.


More info on DARKLESS:
Facebook | Spotify  | Soundcloud | Instagram

More info on Let The Bass Get You:
Website | FacebookInstagram | Soundcloud

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