I did this interview back in 2015 with Astronaut!

Hi, Astronaut! How has the year 2015 been so far?
2015 has been AWESOME. We’ve had some tracks released on Disciple, Monstercat and Kannibalen that we’re really happy with and we’ve got lots more to come! We were really stoked to see how well the Rivals EP with Barely Alive was received by the fans.

How did your career start? How did you met each other?
Me and Dan actually met on the live music circuit in Bristol, UK where we both grew up. At the time we were both in separate touring bands and bonded over our mutual love for electronic music. We started making music together and at first it sounded TERRIBLE haha! we were actually making tracks under the Astronaut name for 2 years before we released anything.

Your own sound is very important when you make music. How did you find your own style?
We started out by making all genres and found that house music just came naturally to us. You can groove a lot at 128bpm so we just stuck with it because it felt right.

You’ve collaborated with Barely Alive and Black Tiger Sex Machine. How did you get into these collaboration?
Barely Alive are actually signed to our label and management company, we discovered those guys really early on and we couldn’t be happier with how they’ve grown.

Black Tiger Sex Machine we actually met over the internet… We skyped a few times and then decided to make a track together and that’s how Rockers was born.

How was the song named “Some Kind Of Monster” born? Where do you get your inspiration when you’re making music?
Some Kind Of Monster was a track on the Rivals EP that Dan had the most influence on. We’ve released some dark disco tracks like this in the past like ’13’ or our High Roller remix for Pegboard Nerds and we love the style. It’s very Justice influenced… but a bit heavier.

What has been the most challenging song for you to make?
That’s a hard question to answer for us… I think Rain definitely took the longest. That was one of the first electro house tunes we made but at the time we weren’t good enough to mix the track down how we wanted. So, this one sat on our hard drive for about 18 months before it came out.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming producers?
Practise, Practise, Practise! Learning to produce is just like learning how to play a musical instrument… If you want to be the best you have to put the hours in and not worry about ‘self promotion’ or any of that stuff. If you’re music is good enough then people will come to you and that’s the position you want to be in. If that doesn’t happen then your music isn’t good enough, which means it’s time to get back in the studio and try again. Practise makes perfect!

What is your dream or mission at the moment career vise?
We love touring, so if we could do this every week for the rest of our lives, we’d be hapypy.

What’s your most memorable gig?
The first Disciple Recs show in Paris in December 2014 was a really special one for us. The whole roster played and the crowd were ready for it.

Would you want to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
Thanks for checking out this interview and hope to see you at one of our shows soon!

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