It’s been a while since the world has heard from Sludge, the sinister producer who first made his appearance on Carnage‘s Heavyweight Records last year with “Blacksmith“. He’s been hard at work on a new project that reflects a darker persona than ever “The Serbian Monster” EP. The release features four brand new tracks of his signature raw and industrial sound, all of which thematically tell the story of his cultural heritage. From listening to the stabbing basslines and ear-splitting synths of “The Feast” to the “Prepare to Die” vocal riffs of the EP‘s title track “The Serbian Monster.” With the relentless mechanical reverberations of “Kill Them” Sludge transports the listeners right into his family’s escape from Yugoslavia during the Yugoslav Wars to the US. “End Game” depicts a dark but victorious closing to the saga, which exemplifies Sludge‘s more mature but equally heavy sound on the new EP. As seen on the video for “Blacksmith” Sludge upbringing continues to be an inspiration for his music. 

More info on Sludge / Heavyweight Records:
Sludge: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 
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More info on Let The Bass Get You:
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