Ghoulish is one of the most exciting up and coming dubstep producers from UK. With releases on Interval Audio, Prime Audio and Full Flex AudioGhoulish is a name that you should definitely be keeping an eye on. He’s only been releasing songs for a little over a year, he has made his mark on the heavy dubstep scene with some of the heaviest and most chaotic releases coming out to date.

The first track from “Year Of The Rat” EP is Deceiver with Dream Eater. The intro instantly nails a polished, yet still grimy feel -big brass overlaid with sinister string-suit the vocals perfectly, flipping them from a grime backing to a dark take on trap. As the vocals slowly pitch down and the build up starts you can tell something big is about to happen; when the drop hits it feels like you’ve suddenly been caught in a warzone. Machine guns and sirens explode from all directions interspersed with crispy neurofunk synths in a kind of organised madness, the whole thing set to drums. The switch up is another assault with long basses that screech without getting boring or piercing -the synths and the sirens work perfectly together.

The appropriately named Hellbent is the second track -the introduction has big cinematic drums leading into an insane drop with a heavy riddim-ish sub but more complex synths -higher pitched crushed midbasses than in the other tracks genuinely give a sense of panic. The switch up brings metallic synths with an excellent flow that just never gets old. With a huge clap the track is taken back into the dark intro textures, only to drop you back into a variation where the synths are given few more chances to show off in between the drums and atmosphere.

Year Of The Rat, the final track, has a well-written, anthemic intro with cinematic choral parts and drums, brought crashing into the build up with a terrifying roar. The robotic noises build into a drop which pauses to breathe for a second before another characteristic machine gun bass assault -by now the listener has a sense of how clean Ghoulish‘s production is while still being filthy in the right places; this EP really brings tearout into 2020.

Write-up by Simaran Patel aka QWIRK

More info on GHOULISH:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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