DJ and producing duo GLD just dropped their latest track “Judgement Day” a genre-bending single for the most intense bass heads out there. It delivers menacing, wobbling basslines and serrating synths in a relentless tempo, which GLD expertly layers with distorted vocal riffs that further add to the frenzied mood. Listeners suddenly understand the track’s name when a church organ ominously appears in the interlude, evoking images of sacrilegious acts and a fiery underworld. “Judgement Day” is out on Carnage‘s Heavyweight Records.

Friends Mattie and Jake founded their project GLD with a desire to change what it means to make and perform music and to improve the world with the messages spread through their art. GLD‘s mantra is that music doesn’t need to fit in a genre box, and their style draws influences from energized punk and jazz and blends it with powerhouse electronic music. Their unique and intense style has earned them support from heavyweights like SkrillexDiploDJ Snake, Excision and more. GLD continues to expand upon their production prowess with every release, and we can’t wait to see where the rest of this year takes them!

More info on GLD:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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