Coming from a music oriented family, Matt Cross known as ‘Achilles’ brings the heat and energy to the EDM community. Inspired by artists such as Skrillex, Joyryde, Jauz and Flux Pavilion, Achilles started his journey producing and DJ’ing in 2015. The name Achilles originated from Matt’s legal middle name. Since beginning this journey under this name, he has grown exponentially while opening for artists such as 12th Planet, 4B, Ghastly and more as well as gaining support from headlining artists. His music and live performance will bring the energy to any dance floor. Achilles is an artist you do not want to miss out on.

Hi Achilles! How are you doing?
Doing great!

Tell us how it all began, how did you get into producing?
Well the production journey really began back in 2015. I always had a love for electronic music such as artists like Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, etc. but a friend of mine, Josh, who was into production back then really showed me the backbone behind the music and how it was all created. It instantly intrigued me. As any beginning artist, I messed around with loops and presets to begin with just to learn structure and how to piece a song together. Eventually that grew into learning the more advanced side to it and how to create something that’s my own. That brings us to today where I’m still learning and still growing as an artist.

How have you been staying productive during the quarantine period?
The quarantine is a drag of course but definitely have been productive during these tough times. Working my day job as a firefighter still but also working on a lot of new music that I cannot wait to share.

Your latest single “Do It” has been out few months. Could you share the creative process behind about this song?
So ‘Do It’ is actually one of my favorite releases. I was making a lot of more heavier bass house at the time and wanted to try to make something a little different but keep that same bass house sound the Achilles brand resembles. When I first started it, all I had written was a drop and was completely stuck on how to build something around it. After having a good talk with Coffin, he suggested I write my tracks starting with the intro and build the song as it goes. So that’s exactly what I did with ‘Do It’ and it became my #1 streamed track on Spotify thus far!

You remixed “Tchami – Ghosts”. What makes you choose one song above all for to do a remix on?
I remixed ‘Ghosts’ during the quarantine actually. I saw Tchami had released the stems and downloaded them just for fun at first. I actually have a private playlist on my soundcloud of “remix ideas” and I try to find one that I feel I could add a twist to that would stand out the best but resemble the song still. I was going to remix a Jvst Say Yes song originally but I wasn’t feeling it at the time. I think the vocals in ‘Ghosts’ really captured my attention and made me want to create something that kept that beautiful vibe in the breakdowns but with a drop that would stand out above the other remixes. In less than a week, it’s already received 6500+ plays and support from Sikdope, Valy Mo, Nostalgix, Coffin, AG and more!

Who do you hope to work with in the future, if you could name top 3 producers/artists to work with and why?
I do have some collabs in the works currently that I plan to keep a secret for now, definitely some eye openers. I also am picky about collabs because I feel like the sound of both artists should at least be somewhat similar but still unique. But if I had to choose 3 artists I’d work with I’d definitely have to go with Haus Of Panda, Ephwurd and Joyryde.

What has been your funniest or embarrassing moment to date related to music?
A lot of funny/embarrassing times come from shows mostly I feel like. I’ve definitely had embarrassing moments where CDJ’s have failed on me during shows but I think the most embarrassing was when I first started out and played at a small venue in Massachusetts. I was the opener and played for maybe 5 people at most then after my set went upstairs to the green room and grabbed a beer for one of my friends. A security guard saw and knew I was underage at the time and immediately kicked me out thinking I was drinking it. Couldn’t believe I was kicked out of a show I played at for something I didn’t do and it also looked pretty bad but nonetheless a funny memory to look back on.

Would you like to share something else with the followers of Let The Bass Get You?
Definitely keep on the look out for more releases this year and even more in 2021. I have 2 label releases already set up and plan on working on an EP at some point this year or next. Regardless, I want to thank anybody and everybody who’s supported me along the way and can’t wait to share with everyone what I’ve been working on. Thank you for having me!

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