Bite This! Released Ryan Collins’s latest single “Renegade”! Offering two-and-a-half minutes packed with pure sonic mayhem, this thunderous bass house heater is the answer to insatiable ears, and the type of high quality cut you’d expect from a graduate of the renowned Icon Collective

Combining old school samples with modern production elements, “Renegade” gets its power from complex builds and rockin’ basslines. A testament to the LA-based producer’s technical skills and fearless style, this pumpin’ cut will shred its way into your head and stay there. Trust us when we say “Renegade” ain’t slipping away unnoticed. 

Since hitting the scene in 2016, Collins has steadily amassed fans in high places, dropping nuanced grooves that have put genre pioneers like Shiba San, Malaa and Jauz in his corner. In 2018, he showed off his versatile side as direct support on Drezo’s Evil Evil Tour, showering crowds from coast-to-coast in the same signature G-house beats that entranced hip-hop legends like, Snoop Dogg and Warren G. Just a couple short years later, Collins is tearing up 2020 with his dopest work yet.

More info on Ryan Collins:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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