Hi Control Freak! How are you doing?
I’m doing great! I’ve been working super hard during quarantine and working on as much new content as possible 🙂

Tell us how it all began, how did you get into producing/songwriting?
Well it all started in spring of 2012 when I was in 4th or 5th grade. An old friend had shown me a video of a guy dancing to a dubstep remix of Pumped Up Kicks and we just went down this rabbit hole of dubstep remixes and eventually ended up listening to a bunch of Skrillex! At the time I had no idea what dubstep was and all I listened to was Michael Jackson or any rock songs my mom would play. It interested me and made me wonder how the hell do people make these crazy robot sounds! From there on I’ve just been making weird noises on my laptop and people seem to enjoy it haha.

How have you been staying productive during the quarantine period?
I’ve been collaborating with a lot of artists and bouncing ideas around with friends. Of course I’ve been working on music to stay productive but I’ve also been getting into Skating! I’d like to think i’m getting pretty good at it even though I bust my ass a lot haha

You released an EP called “Senary” through ”Disciple Round Table”. Could you share the creative process behind about this EP?
The name “Senary” comes from the number Six. I wanted to title the EP something based around the main track “Six Feet Deep” without making it a title track EP. At first it wasn’t supposed to be an EP. I was gonna try and release each song individually but Disciple Round Table had hit me up and asked if I was interested in releasing another EP with them. The artwork has elements inspired by the first and last songs on the EP. The coffin and skeleton obviously come from “Six Feet Deep” as it’s a song about graves and death. The skeleton giving a middle finger was inspired by the collaboration with Leotrix called “IDGAS” which is an abbreviation for “I Don’t Give A Shit”.

What is your favorite song from the EP?
Probably “IDGAS” with Leotrix cause it’s just so fun to listen to! But my favorite one to produce was “Six Feet Deep“.

Your remix of “Supermerk2 – La Resaka” is easily one the best songs of 2020. What makes you choose one song above all for to all to do a remix on for?
Well the funny part about that song (aside from the fact that the song is a joke overall) is that I first heard the original in a meme I saw on instagram. The melody is so fun to listen to so I thought to myself “What if I ruined it, and made it dubstep”. So really for me it just depends on how fun the song is or how much I personally enjoy it!

What has been your funniest or embarrassing moment to date related to music?
The most embarrassing moment for me was the first show I played in LA. The first song I played, I headbanged so hard my glasses flew WAY behind me. The videographer we hired that night had to go grab them for me cause I couldn’t see haha.

You have a long career ahead of you. Who do you hope to work with in the future, if you could name top 3 producers/artists to work with and why?
Skrillex. Although this is a really common answer, I wouldn’t even care to finish or write a whole track. Just bouncing ideas off each other would make my world.

Modestep. Been a big fan of those guys since the beginning and I would love to collaborate with them.

ISOxo. He’s a new guy and already has made better songs than the majority of the scene. This guy makes the coolest sounding music ever, I don’t get how he does it.

Would you like to share something else with the followers of Let The Bass Get You?
I’ve got lots of new music coming very soon. If you want a preview of any of it you can check out the two showcase mixes I have up on my SoundCloud. My EP “Senary” is out now on Disciple Round Table and all streaming platforms so feel free to check that out!

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