Evilnoiz is dubstep duo from two different countries, Mikuláš from Slovakia and Sèbastien France. This up-and-coming duo is pretty fresh and they are entering the scene with big guns! They have released tracks through big labels like Buygore, UPLINK (with Dogma), Odio Records and Obskure. They also just released huge bootleg of “Marauda & Yakz – Pulverize” track! Read the interview from below:

Hi Evilnoiz! How are you doing?
We are doing really great! It’s an honor to have an interview here, thank you for the opportunity. We are also so stocked for our last release on Odio Records: Hell.

Tell us how it all began, how did you get into producing?
Sébastien: I was playing the piano for 8 years and studying music theory, but I never thought about making electronic music. At this time, I was a huge fan of the artist Au5, and the emotions he was transmitting with his music amazed me a lot. I wanted to do the same, to make people feel good listening to electronic music. So I started to make melodies on a free daw, and it turned more and more into dubstep and to the music we do now on Evilnoiz.

Mikuláš: Well for me it was kinda an accident. A couple of years ago, I was browsing through videos on youtube and I saw some videos about music production. I was intrigued and wanted to try it. So I downloaded FL studio. From the beginning, I was trying to produce a Future bass. Since I was new to producing, it quickly discouraged me, and I quit. In the meantime I discovered dubstep. For me, it was something new, something that I enjoyed a lot. Thanks to it, 3 years ago I got back into producing.

Evilnoiz is a duo, how did you meet each other?
Two years ago, we were running our individual projects. We met each others on discord servers dedicated to music production. We firstly started running a promotion channel on youtube, and making some collaborations. After two or three collabs, we decided to create a new alias to release them: Evilnoiz. That was honestly the best decision we ever did, and we are really happy how far it goes right now.

How have you been staying productive during the quarantine period?
Yes! We’re working on developing the overall style and idea of the “Evilnoiz” project and take it even further. Thanks to quarantine, we can focus on creating music even more than before. We’ve produced some of our best tracks recently, and we can’t wait to share it with y’all. Quarantine also gave us many opportunities, as big artists are easier to get in touch with thanks to the huge amount of streams.

You just released a song called “Hell” through Odio Records. Could you share the creative process behind about this song?
It all started from an acoustic brass sample. We played with post processing a lot, and ended up with a totally different sound. Almost all the sound design of the drop were made from the same sample, processed in many different ways. We think it is a very creative and interesting process to play that much with the same texture, especially with acoustic ones, they are so rich and complex. This track was firstly more of an experience, so we are glad Odio wanted to release it! Thank you Mylky ❤

Who do you hope to work with in the future, if you could name top 3 producers/artists to work with? And why?
There are many ones that we would dream to work with. If we had to select three of them, it would certainly be Svdden Death, Subtronics and Marauda. These ones have been killing it this year, and they show how developing a unique sound design and musical universe can push you in the front of the scene. We love the creativity and dark dimension of Svdden Death or Voyd tracks. Subtronics perfectly combines melodies and heaviness, something that we love and try to do. Finally, Marauda is a king of the current scene, and started a real revolution in sound design and structures.

What has been your funniest or embarrassing moment to date related to music?
We haven’t been involved in shows yet, as the Evilnoiz project just recently started to develop more. However, a funny thing is about the fact we are a duo. It sometimes creates a lot of confusion for other people. For example, during streams we usually both show up under the same name, so it gets messy real quick and people don’t understand what is happening. Or when we answer emails or instagram messages, we sometimes both answer different things at the same time.

Would you like to share something else with the followers of Let The Bass Get You?
If you like heavy melodic tunes, go stream our new track Hell. It’s part of the Untapped 8 of Odio, and we would also advise you to check and support this label if you don’t already do, because they currently release awesome and innovative tunes, while also being the most professional label we ever worked with.

Other than that, take care of yourself and stay safe. And if you are a producer, never give up and continue pushing boundaries further and further. Don’t forget that music has no rules and you can do whatever you want!

More info on Evilnoiz:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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