Skepsis is only 24 years old, but his long list of accomplishments reads like those of dance veterans. He’s held a Rinse FM residency, launched his own “Selection” mix series, dropped fire with bass house heavy hitters like Holy Goof, and that’s all-in addition to building a vast discography filled with his own high-energy singles and EPsThe South London-based producer never fails to enthrall with his modern take on UK garage, boasting a rich comprehension of pioneering genres that extend far beyond his years.

And that’s not lost in “Higher”, where Skepsis’s gritty stylings are elevated by the lightning fast vocals of a true bassline legend. Featured on club anthems such as Notion’s “Vex” and TS7’s “Real Raver” (which has amassed more than 8 million streams to date), Slick Don lends his powerhouse rhymes to a new kind of classic. Together, they revive sounds from the heyday of the UK underground. The duo unleashes a flurry of rushing builds and buoyant rhythms, guaranteed to send today’s shufflers soaring to new heights.
A breakneck groove that hits the spot, “Higher” is equipped to get you lifted and keep you there. Volume on. And way up.

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