Another stunner from the Los Angeles producer, whose groovy stylings have been in the mix since 2016 when Walker scored the chance to perform for thousands in Las Vegas after winning Insomniac’s EDC Discovery Project competition. That epic launchpad led to a number of sizzling singles and bass house collaborations and helped garner the attention of tastemakers like Diplo, Steve Aoki and Jauz, among others. Walker’s been on the come up ever since and with “Motivator” it’s clear his inspiration has no ceiling.

Prepare to feel your focus kick into overdrive. Walker stimulates the senses with “Motivator”, an uptempo, tech-house heater with a fiery mission. A mellow voice over instructs listeners to get their act together before looped vocals, bubbly basslines and a shamelessly energetic snare shine a light on the next logical step: pump this booty shaker up to full volume and get going. “Motivator” gives four-on-the-floor fans a sense of purpose again, and every reason to adopt a fresh, lifted perspective.

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