Michael Granados and Miguel Meza, better known as Woof Logik, have paved themselves a great way thus far by creating a new wave and gaining support from the EDM community standing behind them. With many years of experience as DJs, the two Los Angeles/Fontana natives have delivered high energy performances at festivals and venues across the U.S. Having released an EP on a label such as Barong Family, you can expect the unexpected with signature sound designs in each of their records. Having accumulated a total of over 1 million streams, these guys stand at the forefronts of what tomorrows next sound and wave of music will be. They are not the kind of artists to let slip by. Follow them on their journey as they change perspectives and innovate creativity to the next best thing in the music industry. Read the interview below!

Hi Woof Logik! How are you doing?
Hey! You know, we’re going through some crazy times in the world right now, but we’re doing what we can to stay productive and keep positive. Just can’t wait for everything to be normal again.

How did you meet each other? Where comes the name Woof Logik?
We technically met one time at a mutual friends house, didn’t speak much but about 2 years later (2013) we ended up having the same TV Production class in high school where our group of friends always hung out and our friendship grew stronger. To be honest, we struggled with coming up with a name. After brainstorming for a couple of weeks, it wasn’t till we were in a Farmer Boys parking lot where we thought of taking “Woof” out of subwoofer and just adding “Logic” but switch the “C” with a “K” because why not haha. We were kinda searching for a name that didn’t make sense or link with anything so that whenever you hear “Woof Logik” we’re the only things you can think of.

Take us back to the beginning, how did you found your passion into producing electronic music?
We’re SoCal boys, and electronic music has been under our radar for over a decade now. Started with loving the old dirty dutch, dubstep, trance, progressive house sound. We had been waiting years to finally attend our first major festival which ended up being EDC Las Vegas 2015. We had been DJ’s before but it wasn’t until EDC where we found the desire to jump into that next step and become one of the next generation of artists on those big stages which meant making our own music. The transition from editing videos to making music was somewhat smooth, there are a couple of similarities. But editing videos couldn’t compare to the excitement from creating a cool sound or a crazy drop.

About your studio methods. Do you have regular habit for creating a new song and getting inspired?
We listen to every genre out there. Follow a bunch of underground and main stream artists, but what helps us get inspired often is how deep we dig for new music. All these styles and new sounds keep us filled with inspiration. We always have ideas to lay out, so we usually start with our drops first and go on from there.

You released an EP called ”Metro”. Could you share the creative process behind the EP?
50% of the music we make comes with either title pre-made or a very specific idea. But the other half is usually us just playing around with different BPM’s, styles, genres, etc. In this case we’ve been dying to try out some more chill style of music since we’ve already touched the heavier stuff. After finishing up one of our first house/bass house tracks, we noticed the train noises we had put in there, and we live right next to a metro station so it only made sense to title it Metro. But we knew we didn’t want to just touch one house song, so that led to creating “Underground.”

What is your favorite song from the EP?
Both have crazy sound design which we cherish so it’s hard choosing between one of our babies haha. I think we gotta go with Metro though, it’s just the perfect blend of groove and wobbles. The crowd reaction is crazy with that one.

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
We thank you all for taking the time to read up on this interview! I know the world has become something unimaginable, but we’re all in this together and we must work together. It’s a very tricky time to put out music right now so if you don’t see anything from us in the near future we promise we have a huge catalog saved up, just waiting for bigger problems in the world to be handled. Love you all, stay safe!

More info on WOOF LOGIK:

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