Midranger and Miyoki have teamed up for the song that everyone could use right about now. Unswept Thunder brings together two powerful melodic forces and talents to create a track for listeners to get lost in during this tumultuous time.

Miyoki calls on her multitude of personal influences including soundtracks, Min’yo, Celtic and K-Pop to deliver an ethereal performance that floats over the track and elevates it to a higher plane. In a bit of a departure from his electro-influenced fare, Midranger calls back to some of his earlier work such as Nostalgia and creates a wonderful atmosphere with the perfect amount of motion to keep the song moving forward. For just a few minutes we can get lost in the beauty they have created together. In just two weeks, the song has amassed over 200,000 streams across YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud which makes it clear that this one has resonated with so many people already. The details and subtle additions in the track make replaying this one exciting every time, as you might find yourself noticing new layers that you did not pay attention to the first time. It is that meticulous construction that will undoubtedly keep people coming back to enjoy this release over and over again. Be sure to experience it for yourself by clicking on the links below.

More info on Midranger:

More info on Miyoki:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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