Hydraulix has spent the better half of his last year touring internationally on the back of a huge year of releases, taking on North America supporting Liquid Stranger and bookings at festivals like Lost Lands, Bass Canyon, Rampage, Electric Zoo and many more. His acclaimed releases Spanner, Chopper and Poor Connection have gone on to tick over hundreds of thousands of streams and be played in high profile sets around the world now from Four Tet, Skrillex, Bassnectar, Rusko and more. Some of his recent collaborators include Liquid Stranger, Moody Good, Phaseone and Ookay along with his 2019 attention grabbing EP’s Space Cadet and Crown Jewels, solo releases and remixes with Never Say Die, Disciple and Wakaan. More recently he was featured with Triple J for Mix Up Exclusive in April and his music
was a featured sync in Kipo and The Wonderbeasts for Netflix US. Read the interview below!

Hi Hydraulix! How are you doing?
I’ve been good. Trying to keep busy and use this weird ass time to write some new music and try and few other things I’ve been wanting to try for a while!

Take us back to the beginning, how did you found your passion into producing electronic music?
I’ve loved electronic music for a long time now. For me it all started with like cheesy Ministry of Sound compilations and such. But I really jumped on board with fidget and electro house, I was a huge fan of people like Jack Beats & AC Slater and was also massive into people like Rusko & Caspa and that wobbly dubstep sound.. That’s when I really started to think about trying to write music and learn all this.

Where comes the name Hydraulix?
My name actually came from one of my good friends Bruxism.. He was talking about changing his name and had Hydraulix as one of his options.. I asked him nicely if i could use it as i needed a name and he had multiple names to choose from so he was more than happy to oblige.

The rumour tells you’re into video games. Has the gaming music with its sounds effects and such played a role in finding your personal sound or inspiration some way?
I’m defs a massive gamer and that has influenced a lot of the music I write and samples I use. Video games are great at theming music to suit a vibe and I like that alot. I’m always trying to catch a vibe or theme a track as I feel it makes the music way more timeless..

You just released an EP called “Bruxism” through Wakaan label. Could you share the creative process behind about this EP?
This EP has been in the works for a while now.. A few of the tracks like STOOPID and Screamer have been done and doing the rounds in my and homies sets for almost a year. But the rest of the tracks are a bit more recent.. It was pretty much just a matter of going through all the music I’ve been doing recently and figuring out which ones I felt would complement each other best while also pushing the Hydraulix project forward!

What is your favourite song from the EP?
That’s a really tough question.. These tracks all have pretty special moments attached. I love Jewels coz I wanted to go super heavy and different and was a massive experiment that came out dope (I think haha). And then the Rickyxsan Collab was so many laughs and late nights in the studio while I was in LA, me and Ricky just showing each other plugins and having so much fun.

How did you end up into the collaboration with KRISCHVN and giving VIP touch for Chopper song?
was shown to me by SWRVO & Rickyxsan.. One of their friends Ant Baca has just picked him up for management and they played me a bunch of his music in the studio and I was blown away and hit him up that night! Haha!

Chopper came about when I brought Kris to Australia to support me on my national tour for the Crown Jewels EP which was released on Never Say Die. He was staying with me for like a month and we wrote a bunch of music and Chopper was one of them.

And the VIP was such a saga.. Kris and I had both tried VIPs numerous times after the success of Chopper and had zero luck.. Neither of us were able to get anything we liked anywhere near as much as the OG.  Then it was like a week before EP submission and Krischvn gave the VIP one more go and sent me the first draft of what’s on the EP. I went ham working it till literally submission day and the rest is history.

Who do you hope to work with in the future, if you could name top 3 producers/artists to work with and why?
Ohhhh.. Number one is the obvious… Skrillex. And why because Skrill haha.

Number 2 would be a rapper called Tokyo’s Revenge. I love his energy and feel we could make something stupidddd hype.

Three would be Timbaland the guy is such a don when it comes to writing hits. I’d love to sit in on a session and just watch him work..

This quarantine period has been hard for music industry so now it’s time to support and support, any interesting new producers you would recommend to follow?
Defs got a couple I’ve been vibing a lot recently. Sixghost is someone I’ve really been into. We gonna be working on some stuff but yeah massive fan! Also really fuck with Leotrix, Moore Kismet, SWRVO, Avance, Blacksheep, Ruvlo and Bynded!

What has been your funniest or embarrassing moment to date related to music?
It would probably just be your standard music complete shut off during show standing there like a idiot because I hit the cue button or hit my USB and it ejected. Or could be going to the Lost Lands pre party getting the chance to play the mainstage and forgetting my USBs. Biggest shout out to G-rex for coming in clutch and lending me his with a heap of my music on it. Jake literally saved my ass.

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
Wash your hands! Wear a mask!!

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