In addition to his music, Code: Pandorum is also known as “the father of Deathstep“. His style is the most ruthless, hardest and even darkest soundscape you are able to find in the scene. He has kept himself busy throughout the difficult times we are witnessing around the world and earlier this year in June he released a full-length album, Art Of The Devil!

Caster on the other hand is “a mysterious spellcaster” who has quickly placed his mark on the dark corners of the electronic music world in a very short period of time. His collab with Swarm proved just how intense his music can be. Who knows what the future will hold for this raw talent, but one thing certain is that there is no where to hide from what is to come.

Code: Pandorum and Caster teamed up in order to create their version of Bring Me The Horizon`s newest single “Parasite Eve“. They wanted to maintain the atmosphere of original track while adding a more ruthless while still melodic touch. The bootleg was premiered on Code: Pandorum`s annual mix “Leviathan PT.2“. The mix contains over 40 minutes of music from the label Crowsnest Audio.

More info on Code: Pandorum:

More info on Caster:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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