Halcyon is proud to present their first Individual artist release, none other than the greatest riddim/bass artist, ​Aweminus.​ Pacman Bullshit​ is a two track EP release, EP starts with title track Pacman Bullshit is an excellent showcase of Aweminus‘s ability to make unbelievably groovy dubstep tunes that are still rhythmically complex and can flex his ability to make mind bending sounds. Second track MUD is a deep and dirty track that makes use of its atmospheric textures and glitchy fills to support its constant vibrating sub bass line.

Aweminus has manifested into one of the most promising emerging artists in bass music. Since late 2012, his unique take on dubstep and dnb has garnered the support of artists such as Excision, Rusko, Funtcase, Skism and many more. Over the years Aweminus has released music thought labels like Savage Society Records, NSD: Black Label, Disciple Round Table, Circus Records and more. Aweminus finished the year 2018 strong with his EP “Riddim 4 Dummies“!

More info on Aweminus:

More info on Halcyon:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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