Everything isn’t so bad in 2020: today is the day Never Say Die Black Label releases their annual compilation album. This mix is stacked with both unreleased and already released songs from up-and-coming producers like JoeB, Kill Feed, TRVCY, D’lion, Jiqui and many more.

These names have been gaining attention step by step by producing some pretty memorable tunes. To mention, JoeB produced massive remixes of the songs Hive Bounce and Migraine and got support from artists like NGHTMRE & Slander, Ace Aura and Dr.Ozi.

Another artist to mention, Kill Feed, who most definitely is one of the most underrated artists in the game, was on XL6 compilation. You may also know him as 5OHMAN. His music is the guaranteed secret weapon for all the djs who want to surprise their audience with something playing something really heavy. He has been noticed and supported by artists like SAYMYNAME, Zomboy, PhaseOne and more.

Third one is TRVCY, was also on XL6 compilation. He has been collaborating acts like Oddprophet, Jiqui, Sharps and Control Freak. He is definitely artist that you should follow, he is going to make big moves!

The XL7 compilation gave me the opportunity to showcase the very best that Black Label had to offer this year. For example, artists like Trvcy and JoeB who have recently established themselves onto the label and are now beginning to make huge waves in the dubstep scene with absolutely massive tracks. But as this pandemic unfolds, this compilation allowed me to showcase the very best of my own students from my own mentoring classes that I’ve held in substitute for touring and playing shows. These students, while not making the actual compilation for a release, were showcased in the 45 minute mix on Soundcloud and have already garnered new fans from the release. This for me was the most rewarding part of the compilation, as anyone who has tried to get that sort of exposure knows how difficult it can be to achieve it. 


This annual compilation album is most definitely one of the most highly anticipated release of the year! 10 song full of bone crushing and jaw dropping bass lines with screeching synths! Make sure you stream this album! Full tracklist down felow:
Oddprophet – Vauxhall Tearout
Badklaat – Evolved
JoeB – Chainshot
Kill Feed – Back N’ Forth
Oddprophet – Disassociation
Aweminus – Close My Eyes
TRVCY – Shiver
Oddprophet – Disgrace
Krimer – Code Execution
Graphyt & Diskirz – Reload

More info on Black Label:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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