BVSSIC​ is back in full force on Halcyon. This time featuring his newest eight track EP called Elysium​. Elysium seamlessly takes you on a journey through the complex and next-gen sound of BVSSIC, from captivating melodies to intricate and heavy sound design, giving you a perfect dose of futuristic elements with the best of dubstep.

This release will Include 2 singles, “Unison and​ ​”Soul Taker​ ft. Staysick“. Unison is a perfect example of the range that Future Riddim as a style has to offer. Incorporating beautiful vocals and solid melodic riffs wrapped up in gritty bass sounds that beautifully variates from beginning to end. Soul Taker is a grand song that also incorporates melody with aggressive sound design but this time with an entirely more ominous tone. Soul Taker stands out with its impeccable call and response and epic instrumental sections. BVSSIC continues to set the bar high for Halcyon releases and continues to show the promise of what the future of his sound has to offer.

More info on BVSSIC:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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