NVADRZ just released an EP through Disciple Round Table and he isn’t stopping! He has collaborated with many artists such as Control Freak, Ray Volpe, BLVK SHEEP just to name a few. NVADRZ has gained huge amount of support from artists like Alison Wonderland, TYNAN, Nitti Gritti and more. I got an awesome opportunity to interview NVADRZ and learn more about this . Read the interview below.

Hi Nvadrz! How are you doing?
Hanging in there!

Take us back to the beginning, how did you found your passion into producing electronic music?
From since I can remember, I was always surrounded by music in my life. My dad would always show me bands from his teenage years like Black Sabbath or Guns n Roses and I’d always try to sort of get a “fresh high” from discovering new music.

Electronic music however, I found out about around 2010 with acts like Daft Punk, Axwell, David Guetta. It was only in late 2015 that I got into bass music because of Jack Ü.

Where comes the name Nvadrz?
Me and a friend of mine were leaving the club early in the morning and decided to grab coffee before going on the bus to go home. We had a long conversation about music and new artists and all of a sudden he says “You know even tho I’m not a fan of bass music, the song Invaders by Zomboy still goes off, that should be your artist name“. That day after getting home I wrote the word “Invaders” down flipped some letters around and here we are.

How have you been staying productive during the quarantine period?
Like everyone I’m trying to make the most of the situation. There’s definitely super productive days and then there’s days where it has been super hard to find any sort of motivation. That being said I’ve made a lot in this period and tried a lot of things and genres I most likely wouldn’t otherwise.

You released an EP called “No More Heroez” through Disciple Round Table. Could you share the creative process behind about this EP?
The EP is about me and my friends’ own personal epiphanies, changes and traumas in life and about my frustration of being stuck in what feels like a hopeless, dead-end place, realising the only ones who can change our situations individually are ourselves and not others, hence the title “No More Heroez“. I guess a lot of people will see this as dark or negative but I see the EP as something bitter sweet, it made me change my relationships and perspectives and just grow generally. Also it was a great opportunity to involve friends in the process, from working with my main man Alias again and having one of my closest friends Gabsi on the cover art.

What is your favorite song from the EP?
It’s a tie between the first one “Gabsi’s Revenge” and the last one “Easy Scapegoats

“No More Heroez” EP include collaboration with Alias. How did you end up working with these names?
and I have been close friends for about four years now, “Run Up” was the first tune to sort of get the ball rolling for us and we just try to work together as often as we can, I think our chemistry is really good both in our tracks and outside of music.

This quarantine period has been hard for music industry so now it’s time to support and support, any interesting new producers you would recommend to follow?
Thats a tough one, I am super picky about electronic music but the few that I have been following closely are Alias, ISOxo, Frosttop & Control Freak.

If people need some music to check out outside of bass, I highly recommend Deftones, Tool, girlfriends, Nirvana, Bring Me The Horizon and Mick Gordon

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
Take care of yourselves and each other!

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