Little is known about this mysterious spellcaster. Since his launch in October of 2019, he has quickly made his mark on the dark corners of the electriconic music world. With a versatile sound ranging from melodic bass, mid tempo, dubstep, psytrance, and even witch trap, it is a challenge to discover his true identity. When asked why the secrecy he simply responded “my identity is irrelevant right now. For this project and this vision to come to life, my art must first speak for itself“! Who knows what the future will hold for Caster. But one thing certain is that there is no where to hide from what is to come! Read the interview below!

Hi Caster! How are you doing?
Hi guys, I’m doing great, thanks. Really stoked about my debut EP release. Excited for this interview too, thanks for having me!

Take us back to the beginning, how did you found your passion into producing electronic music?
Ever since I was a little kid I was really into music, I was jamming to dance music even before I learnt how to walk. My journey with music production started when I was like 11. My parents signed me to drum lessons and one time my drum teacher came to the session with a laptop with Fruity Loops Studio program opened on it. He showed me bunch of instrumentals he did that we could drum out to. But to no one’s surprise – I was more interested in how he produced the instrumentals, than actually playing drums to it. I came home after that session, downloaded Fruity Loops demo and… didn’t understand a single thing. But I was hooked, I loved it. It took me really long to get a grasp of it but the love was there from the very first moments. Shout out to Image Line team who made this fantastic DAW, you guys changed my life.

How have you been staying productive during the quarantine period?
I haven’t been socialising that much in last 2 years, so I’ve been technically in the quarantine for much longer than other people. Therefore, I’m used to it. I’m as productive as I’ve always been. What really helps me staying productive is finding a goal to reach with every production. Whether it is “I want to make something new” or “I want my next track to have the cleanest mix as possible” this kind of mindset always helps me to push personal boundaries and keep creating. Even after such a long time of producing I still enjoy it as much as I used to in past.

You released an EP called “Black Sands” through Ophelia. Could you share the creative process behind about this EP?
I love middle eastern music, there’s something charming about the scales and instruments that they use and despite me being Polish – I really wanted to make something with middle east vibe to it. All of the tracks were produced in a different moments in time, but once I had all of them done me and my manager Abe decided to gather them into EP. Seven Lions, who created Ophelia Records, has been always a massive inspiration to me and the tracks from Black Sands are definitely somewhat inspired by Seven Lions‘ older releases. To say that the EP made it to his label is truly an incredible feeling. Much love to entire Ophelia Records team and Jeff himself!

“Black Sands” EP include collaboration with Earthlinger. How did you end up working with Earthlinger?
, Earthlinger, is a really old friend of mine. I believe we met online when I was 13. Ever since we met he was always so supportive of my music and he helped me a lot throughout my music journey. We collaborated with each other few times in past before Caster was created, but this is the first track that made it to being officialy released. I found this melody (that plays in the intro of Khnum) somewhere along my files and I remembered that Kamil made it like 5 years ago. I was so hooked to it I wanted to use it in my track. I approached him and he said – “sure, let’s just collab on it!“. And Khnum was born. Kamil definitely helped with some melodic and writing aspects of the record.

What is your favorite song from the EP?
It’s a tough one. I don’t think I could point one. Every track is different and has something to it, Ishtar is just insanely dark and bouncy, Ifrit has this dope switch up in the middle, Khnum is really advanced writing-wise and Curse of The Silk Road pretty much has like… 4 genres in it. I’ve put tons of effort and love into every single track and I simply couldn’t pick my favourite, I love them all.

You team up with the legendary Code: Pandorum to create your version of BMTH “Parasite Eve” single! How you end up working with Code?
Me and Sven have been friends for a long time. He loves my music and I love his, it was only natural to start a collab. I’m a huge fan of BMTH, and when Sven uploaded short clip of him messing around with the original, I instantly asked him if I could jump in and turn it into collaborative bootleg. He was down, thus the bootleg was created. This is definitely one of many collabs that we will do in the future, I’m sure. Sven is a great guy and insanely talented producer.

This quarantine period has been hard for music industry so now it’s time to support and support, any interesting new producers you would recommend to follow?
Oh man there are so many talented folks over there. To name a few, I think SWARM, Code: Pandorum, Hollow, Arkana, voltra, Voliik and Riot Shift are absolutely killing it.

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
Go stream my debut EP “Black Sands“. It’s dope, I’ve put a lot of work into it! Thanks for having me guys!

More info on Caster:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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