Kanaan released few moths ago his “Banger Anthem” EP through Disciple Round TableKanaan has gained huge amount of support from artists like Excision, MaraudaSubtronicsRay Volpe and more heavy hitters. I got an awesome opportunity to make interview with Kanaan!

Hi Kanaan! How are you doing?
I’m doing, just doing

Take us back to the beginning, how did you found your passion into producing electronic music?
Well, when I first heard Skrillex I fell in-love with his music, so much so I wanted to try making music. I downloaded FL Studiowhen I was like 12 years old, placed a kick and instantly deleted it. 4 years later, on the 29th of September in 2016, I had this feeling that I wanted to make a song. I redownloaded FL Studio 11, looked up a tutorial, downloaded some presets and made my first drop. The second I finished it and exported it, I got this feeling in my heart that I knew this was what I wanted to do. Since then I was grinding like 6-7 hours a day making music.

How have you been staying productive during the quarantine period?
Playing games with my friends, making music and polishing up my style. I’ve made about 10-15 finished songs, the newer they are the more they sound like “Kanaan“. The Banger Anthem EP consisted of the first 4 I made during quarantine.

You released an EP called “Banger Anthem” through Disciple Round Table. Could you share the creative process behind about this EP?
Banger Anthem
was literally me trying to make an anthem of all bangers, hence the title. First came the title then came the song itself, it started off as a wip in like early January then went on from there. For Spellbook it was me trying to implement heaviness and melodies/harmonies, although I didn’t succeed the way I wanted to, it ended up being a very vibey song. Deaths Dance was me just having fun and messing around with high pitch noises, nothing really special with that song except that it slaps. Parade was just an absolute MESS of me pushing everything I did in the first 3 tracks all in one, I just let loose on it and didn’t even bother making it sound good.

What is your favorite song from the EP?
because when I made it my life was so fun and everytime I think about it I get happy.

This quarantine period has been hard for music industry so now it’s time to support and support, any interesting new producers you would recommend to follow?
Maahir, Veer, Papa Khan, Viwiv, Aveon, Seed, Nuu$hi, Hoofy, Muray Dubz, Alydian, Agony
.. And one special one, LANKI. Good friend from Sydney and I love him, his sound is absolutely insane and screams the sound of Sydney bass producers.

Would you like to share something with the followers of Let the Bass Get You?
I want to thank everyone for taking your time to listen to my music, whether you like it or not, and I hope to impress everyone with at least 1 song of mine. If anyone needs to talk or needs any help, message me on my socials! Also thank you to Disciple: Round Table for giving me a platform to release this EP on. Lastly, get ready for my future releases, they’re a lot crazier.

More info on Kanaan:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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