A match made in heaven, “Make it Clap” is the massive new collaboration between XAVAGE & Jon Casey that will be sure to catch your attention. This hard hitting trap banger is the first collaboration for these two, but sure not to be the last as the combination of sounds and styles is absolutely mint. The driving percussion absolutely slaps, the rich full bass guaranteed to make your booty shake.

I knew for a while now that Jon’s and I styles would really compliment each other. When Jon was on tour we linked up in LA and I showed him the track in its early stages. It had my signature bounce and groove which Jon then took and brought it to a whole new level.


XAVAGE has been making major waves with releases on Quality Goods Records and Circus, whilst Jon Casey has been unstoppable this year, dropping collaborations with legends like Craze and Dabow, plus releasing music with Sable Valley, DIVISION, Dome Of Doom and many more. Be sure to check out this new belter.

It came together pretty well in the early stages. I pulled up to Michael’s crib in Downtown LA, he showed me the track and I was like… this is a classic. Has that early twerk trap feel. I felt that I just wanted to bring a different energy towards the end so I incorporated some HARD instruments to make the rest of the song fierce.

Jon Casey

Article written by Charlie Glinka

More info on XAVAGE:

More info on Jon Casey:

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