Australian based producer Marauda is back with another incredible slice of headbanging delight – “Future Stomp” released via Malignant Music. With a lovely melodic future vibe that expertly crafts tension, when this heater drops, it absolutely holds true to Maruada’s rattling aggressive sound. 

Straight off the back of his latest release “Avoidable Cause” (read writeup here) this 20 year old producer continues to take the bass world by storm with his signature sound and this tune is no exception. His debut EP “Malignant” introduced his malevolent sounds to fans across the globe and spawned the anthems “Rip” and “Casket” both of which still demolish dancefloors today. Next he released “Decimate EP” “WTF Remix” for HerobustDeath Pit” and his “King Is Back” remix for Snails all of which have become a staple in every DJ’s sets. “Future Stomp” highlights Marauda’s consistent ability to produce amazing music and will be sure to melt your brain and have you stomping your feet.

Written: Charlie Glinka

More info on Marauda:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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