2020 has to have some golden lining right? That golden lining has been brought to us by FuntCase who has teamed up with some of these stars for DPMO’s for it’s first release, the ‘Corruption EP’.

Since 2017, DPMO has been supplying incredible dubstep and riddim music for the masses through a series of compilations on Circus Records which have been showcasing international emerging talent, handpicked by FuntCase himself and all with the violent sound and attitude we all know and love from his own productions and DJ sets.

Funtcase is smashing it in the face of adversity and his love of collaboration absolutely shines through with this release. The 4 track EP is amazing, and outlined as follows:

FuntCase x Versa – Kill Confirmed
Kill Confirmed” the first track is a collaboration with Versa (who is fresh from the absolutely scene destroying “Welcome Tune“) starts the EP in a solid place – crisp, clear – a fantastic introduction.

FuntCase x Yakz – Bodying Ft. Jus Rival
Bodying Ft. Jus Rival” a collaboration with Yakz (whose ‘Fuck Off’ was a highlight of DPMO Vol. 3) delivers that trademark UK grime sound with squelchy bass with some cheeky simpsons references too boot.

FuntCase x Jkyl & Hyde – Transmission
Transmission” a collaboration with Jkyl & Hyde (who previously collaborated with FuntCase for “Bounce“) is a freaking stonker with a rich soundscape that will take you to another planet.

FuntCase x Stoned LeveL – Wolfpack
Wolfpack“, a collaboration with Stoned LeveL (who brought us all “Punishment” earlier this year), hits differently and makes you yearn for a large sound system and a live crowd to headbang with.

The “Corruption EP” absolutely delivers those much needed wubs – put this one one and put it on LOUDlet your neighbours enjoy it too 😉 Bring on 2021 as I can’t wait to see what DPMO releases next!

More info on DPMO:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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