BAINBRIDGE and VIPERACTIVE teamed up for their collaboration single called “Danger” which is going to be released on Disciple Round Table label`s annual compilation “Knights Of The Round Table Vol.4. Compilation includes over 20 songs from over 30 different artists among legends such as Ray VolpeBarely AliveBandlez but also up-&-coming names like EvilnoizCyclopsNextarsVoltraNVADRZ just to name a few!

The hauntingly beautiful piano at the start is a fantastic introduction to what is an absolute bop! The juxtaposition between the eerie breakdowns and verses with the clean energetically heavy sounds is freaking dope – The fills in the drops are masterfully done keeping you moving with everything blending together super well ensuring that you will have this on repeat.

Hailing from Minnesota in the US,  BAINBRIDGE first started releasing with Disciple Round Table in 2019, with his release “Immortals“, then releasing both the “Genesis EP” and the “Crusade EP” in 2020 and with this release shows no sign of slowing down.

Danger” is my much anticipated collaboration with VIPERACTIVE. We had a blast making this as it’s a little more out of our comfort zone than usual. We recruited former producer Maxx Live to do the vocals. This release is even more special to us as this is Disciple Round Table’s 100th release, and we’re glad we could be a part of it!


VIPERACTIVE from Arizona, US, is a 20 year old bass music prodigy. The drummer turned producer really knows how to drive a tune and was one of our artists to watch for 2021 – and for good reason, as this amazing release shows.

Danger” came together quite interestingly. I have been friends with Maxx Live for quite some time, but we had fallen out of touch. When we started talking again after some years, I found out that he had starting doing vocals (which were dope). His style fit perfectly over “Danger“, and the rest is history. I couldn’t be more excited to work with Disciple Round Table, and what better way than on the 100th release with two great friends.


More info on Disciple Round Table:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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