Fresh from producing a remix of “MVRDA – Ball Licker” one of the winners of DISCIPLE’s “Biggest Remix Comp Ever” with NOSPHERE and CHASSI, MAAHIR is back with a whole body encompassing slapasaurus.

His latest tune “Mechanism“, released via Insidious starts off strong, with deep rich sustained bass quickly catching your attention, and that’s before the drop even hits. The contrasting rapid flow in the drop keeps that attention through the entire song

This song was my second attempt at a track on a new daw, where I also tried to take on a new style with the flow and drums, and I ended up getting mechanism 🙂


Maahir is only 17 years old and a member of the INSIDIOUS crew along with BLAZTER, VEER, VOYSOL and INVOY with this heavy hitter marks the release of the Insidious Vol.1 Compilation which is also released tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for this amazing producer – as shown in his showcase mix on soundcloud uploaded earlier this month, there is a lot more magic to come this year!

More info on MAAHIR:

More info on INSIDIOUS:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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