With a support list including the likes of Excision, Zomboy, Kayzo, Zeds Dead, Must Die, Virtual Riot and countless others heavy hitters, it’s no surprise Leotrix is making his way up to the top as one of the bass music’s ponderable producer. He’s also one of the lucky few DJ’s playing shows at the moment, with word on the street being that his show on Australia day in QLD went absolutely off – helping release all the pent up energy of punters who haven’t been able to go out clubbing since the start of the pandemic.

Leotrix released his newest EP called “ROUND 3“, name comes from that it`s his third EP on under Never Say Die Black Label stamp and three is a recurring number in Leotrix`s life. His unstoppable combination of unique sound design, jaw dropping melodies and “out of the box” styled drops are continuously surprising. When we are talking about Leotrix`s music you should wait for unexpected, this guy knows how to amaze and he does that every time. With the only goal being total world wide domination, expect nothing but greatness from this prodigious young talent!

I asked from Leotrix how he ended up working with Aweminus:

Aweminus and I met before a show in Sydney. Marauda and I were kicking with him in his hotel and Aweminus was showing me stuff he was working on and it was all blowing my mind. At that point, I’d look up to Aweminus so much and his sounds were really influential to me and the whole scene and he still is such an inspiration to so many dubstep producers these days. Anyway, months later I send him this idea I was working on and I asked him if he wanted to collab on it and he said yes. The working title of the track at that point was like “head in the asphalt” or something like that haha. But anyway, as I found out recently, whilst Brandon was working on the track he had a migraine so I guess that kinda ties in with the “head in the asphalt” type vibe hahahaha his head was in fact hurting. We had track finished super quick. We decided to keep it as raw as possible and not overthink the process of the track.


More info on Leotrix:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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