Renaud Satre is a former member of a rock band called Harmonic Generator. Over the years he has been developing his own material and started a project called The Fryks where he combine rock and bass. He has been getting support artists such as Dirtyphonics, Downlink and Cyclops. The Fryks´ newest single “Overdrive Mode” is a great example how to mix rock and dubstep. “Overdrive Mode” gives you a perfect dose of rock elements with beautiful Marine Craven´s vocal and dubstep drops. Can´t wait to see what The Fryks releases next!

I made that track with my dear friend Marine who lives in L.A now! We began to play in rock bands together as teenagers and that background sticked with us ever since. Overdrive Mode is about that moment when you feel you’re super close to your goals and you push yourself even further to get there! We all live in a difficult period and now more than ever we need to be able to go beyond what we think we’re capable of.

The Fryks

More info on The Fryks:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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