“Loud noises are cool” is what NOSPHERE succinctly states in his Spotify bio, and he is not wrong. They are dope – we are here for it.

The bass heavy project from Budapest 24-year-old David Gal has been releasing tunes on the likes DPMO, Disciple Round Table, Never Say Die Black Label, Buygore, FRSHBLOOD and Subsidia. Coming from the future where his home planet was destroyed, Nosphere has been sent here to save our planet with Dubstep.

Gaining support from Svdden Death, Subtronics, Borgore, Oddprophet and Funtcase, his latest EP is releasing on 19 February 2021 through Disciple Round Table. NOSPHERE is kicking things up a notch and leaning into the melodic/colour vibe that has been sweeping the riddim scene as of late.

The self proclaimed CEO of Darkness is releasing the title track “Polarys12″ today. This tune commences with a nice melodic start and breaky build to hook the brain in, then dropping into some of that signature driving sound design melting into an even heavier second drop.

Nosphere had this to say about the track:

The title track is an anthem of my Home planet! When it will be destroyed 7 eons later in time, the saviors of earth who made me named it POLARYS 12, which basically means everything and nothing at the same time! The melodic parts of the track represent the wealth and the beauties of the planet, with the heavy parts representing that planet got consumed by the people living on it. The Second drop represents chaos and destruction.


More info on NOSPHERE:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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