Do you that feeling that you sometimes get when you listen to a new song and just think to yourself like “Whaaaat?!” as your feeling so amazed by what you’re hearing? I got that feeling when listening to VEER´s new EP.

VEER from Mumbai, has been making some big moves recently. In october 2020 VEER released his second EP and first EP under the NSD: Black Label called Malfunction. He has gained huge amount of support from artists like SubtronicsModestepAkeos and worked with names like Cyclops and Cripplingg.

Now back to the EP I was referring to; VEER is releasing his second EP under the NSD: Black Label called “IDK” and we got an awesome opportunity to premiere one of the songs called “WHAT“. He told me he grew up and got himself hooked in the edm scene by watching and listening to Animals by Martin Garrix… and now he puts out this twisted brain melting heater. The un-synced lead of the track with loud claps goes through the song, but the song will definitely make you bounce if this is the style you’re into.

The name “What” is my own reaction to the song. I don’t know what I was thinking while making this tune. It just came about so quickly and out of nowhere. I’m still very happy with how it sounds though as the vague song title adds to the personality of the song itself.


More info on VEER:

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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