First appearing on the scene March 17th, 2020, the identity of anonymous producer Tripp St. is hotly contested with little confirmed information known. To date, aside from single releases from this album in early 2021, a series of 4 mixtapes teasing 120 IDs is “all”. We have had to go off but wow they have been amazing! Now we finally have the debut album Welcome To Tripp St.

Carving their own unique path within the funk and bass space Tripp St. has been sliding easy through 2021, releasing the project lead singles “I Am Back” and “Livin” earlier this year. The new album has a large amount of groove dispersed between a whole amount of amazing sampling and killer sound design with the bass heavy tracks keep a funky energy going throughout

The first track, “This Is Me” is a nice opening and teaser of the feel of the project. The magical harps of “Livin“, wobbly bass of “I Am Back” and 808 heavy bounce of “The Dojo” lead into the fifth track “Crossover” which is totally my personal favourite from the release. With a catchy pre drop vocal leading into some heavy glitchy paper bass this tune has a wonderful headslap to it.

Ever so slightly pulling back on the bass and revving up the worldly funk is “Styles” is the sixth track, an almost seven minute symphonic showcase. “Shifter“, “Edition“, “Like This Son“, are some seriously dripping and knocking tracks which lead into track 10 “Deep Sea” which is a song as smooth as flowing ocean currents. Whisking listeners into the deep abyss of the ocean, Tripp St. creates beats as blissfully rhythmic as crashing waves.

Finally wrapping up Tripp St.’s impressive 11-track debut is “Increase.” Serene to its core, “Increase” is the peaceful amalgamation of all that came before, wrapping Welcome To Tripp St. in silver strings, and sending it off for the world to hear.

The producer had this to say about the album:

“My whole life led up to this project. My and my team’s heart and soul have been put into these albums and mixes. Getting to release on CloZee’s label Oydzey Music is a dream come true and I’m honored to be the first album. The love and support this project has been receiving has been so amazing, so we had to go all in with ‘Welcome To Tripp St..’ Thanks to Dr01D visuals who created incredible animations to go along with the music, and Odyzey’s incredible team for the support. We have something we’re truly proud of and excited to put out.” – 

Tripp St.

Sitting on an abundance of unreleased IDs, Welcome To Tripp St. is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

More info on Tripp St.

More info on Let The Bass Get You:

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